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Publishing Perspectives: 2002 vs. 2012, ONE BOOK, TWO EDITIONS, TEN YEARS IN THE BOOK TRADE

Ok, I wrote this back in July for Publishing Perspectives, which is Ed Nawotka's brainchild, and an insightful window on pubishing—but I'm reposting the piece here because it's posted on Publishing Perspectives as an image, and it's not searchable.  …

Slate: This is Not Art

Wrote up the curatorial effort of Elka Krajewska and Mark Wasiuta.  Work that has been declared no longer art (by art insurancers): on display at a gallery.  

Kathleen Madden and Paul Frantz were featured in here, but they hit the editing room floor. …

Paris Review Daily: Times Square Show Revisited

A piece I wrote about the revisitation of the Times Square Show:

At what date on the calendar, at what precise location, did counterculture become pop culture? …

Out Magazine: Where Are All the Angry Young Men?

A piece I wrote for Out about Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz, by Cynthia Carr:


Bomb Magazine and DB Art: Whitney Biennial 2012

Ok, proposed experiment: what if one were to write about a cultural event in two venues, one venue being a corporately owned venue, one venue being an independent, arts venue?  …

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About and Circling W.S.

Outro: All the World's a Grave

A version of this essay, very much like the below, appeared as an "Outro" to All the World's A Grave.  It occurs to me that I can place it here.  I think I can, right?  …

Brooklyn Rail: How Arthur Phillips Stole My Bike

published as: Arthur Phillips Stole My Bike in the Brooklyn Rail (where it looks better):


Brooklyn Rail: Praise the Bard

You may remember William Niederkorn’s scrape with the Shakespeare “traditionalists” on the “authorship question.”  This month in the Brooklyn Rail, he weighs in on James Shapiro’s new book on the subject:

Penguin Books guest author: All the World's a Grave, 9/12

My final post as the Penguin Books guest guthor.  "9/11 Toga Party."  It looks even better on the Penguin website: http://us.penguingroup.com/static/html/blogs/911-toga-party-john-reed

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Talks with Persons of Interest

Vice: Seka

Talked with to Seka for Vice.  

Sex in the 70s was Seka. Half Cherokee, half Irish, and looking like a perfect Hollywood trophy, or a divination of death …

Art in America: "To the Letter," Peter Neumeyer and Edward Gorey

Talked with Peter Neumeyer about his collaborations with Edward Gorey, and their collected correspondence, 

Rain Taxi: Talking Animals

VOL. 16 NO. 3, FALL 2011 (#63)

Interview with Adam Hines about his book, Duncan the Wonder Dog

In Adam Hines’s debut graphic novel, …

Bomb Magazine: Charlie Smith

Long talk with Charlie Smith for Bomb Magazine.  With audio clip.


Another summer in the …

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Writings on Art, Text, and Art & Text

Klemens Gasser “Antigone Things”

This is a press release.  Klemens told me he didn't think he'd get press.  He said he thought this was the press.  Sort of, he said that.  He showed me some canvases that are going to be in the show, and then he showed me some canvases that aren't going to be in the show.  …

the Believer: Peter Neumeyer, Edward Gorey, and their collected correspondence, in Floating Worlds

Looked at the correspondence of Peter Neumeyer and Edward Gorey, Floating Worlds, for the Believer: http://www.believermag.com/issues/201205/?…

the Rumpus and Critical Mass: Jonathan Lethem’s "The Ecstasy of Influence"

Each day leading up to the March 8 announcement of the 2011 NBCC award winners, Critical Mass is highlighting our thirty finalists. In a first, the NBCC is partnering with other websites to promote our finalists as well in the categories of Criticism and Poetry. …

Art in America: MetaMaus

Took a look at MetaMaus for Art in America:

Pantheon's MetaMaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic is a kind of "making of" Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiographical comic memoir, Maus. …

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In Jest

Vice: Don't Pay Friends for Sex

Have wanted to write this thing for Vice for ages.  Met Harry and, uh, we …

Work Wonders

Matt (Lenski) and I worked on these in 2004.  We had 30-second and 45-second versions of each.  

No News Today: Ergonomic Armageddon

Robert Lopez posted to his news site, No News Today: http://kambybolongomeanriver.…


We appreciate your submissions, and while published materials will be uncredited, unpaid for, …

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In Earnest

The Good Men Project: "My Last Fight"

Again, I thank Lisa and Noah for their indulgence, and I worry about the tag.  But, here it is, my last fight (I …

Largehearted boy: All the World's a Grave

Ok, I'm going back and retooling this post a bit.  In 2008, David Gutowski posted my All the World's a Grave …

The Good Men Project: "This is Not a Toy"

Ok, I had a kissing babysitter, which is evidently quite common, and I liked it.  I don't agree with the tagline, …

Eliza Goose

My five-year-old daughter and I made this in 2009.  She looked at the pictures and came up with the lines.  I'm afraid it takes a second to …

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