Confabulations (since 2003)

Art in America: "To the Letter," Peter Neumeyer and Edward Gorey

Talked with Peter Neumeyer about his collaborations with Edward Gorey, and their collected correspondence, Floating Worlds:

Rain Taxi: Talking Animals

VOL. 16 NO. 3, FALL 2011 (#63)

Interview with Adam Hines about his book, Duncan the Wonder Dog

In Adam Hines’s debut graphic novel, Duncan the Wonderdog (AdHouse Books, $24.95), the animals can talk, and their revolution is underway. …

Bomb Magazine: Charlie Smith

Long talk with Charlie Smith for Bomb Magazine.  With audio clip.

Another summer in the city. It’s a heat wave—as bad as it used to be, but a month early. Nowadays, August cools off, and in July, we’re still new to this new summer—and better able to withstand the heat. …

Brooklyn Rail: Frederic Tuten

As published in the Brooklyn Rail:

I met Frederic Tuten at the diner we only managed to identify as, “that place a block down from the Strand,” where we talked about his essays, his short stories, and his five novels—The Adventures of Mao on the Long March (1971), Tallien: A Brief Romance (1988), Tintin in the New World (1993), Van Gogh’s Bad Café (1997), and The Green Hour (2002)—and his interest in the visual arts. 

Bomb Magazine: Ann Lauterbach

Long talk with Ann Lauterbach for Bomb Magazine:

The third week of August: historically, it’s the week when New Yorkers blow town. Air conditioners rattle and spit and give out, and windows are open wide, as if the rolled glass of the tenements would melt in the white sun. …

Brooklyn Rail: Stephen Graubard

All The Presidents as Men

 As published in the Brooklyn Rail:

Stephen Graubard’s Command of Office is a monumental and challenging analysis of what has come to encompass the contemporary U.S. presidency. …

Brooklyn Rail: Karen Liebreich

Karen Liebreich with John Reed

As published in the Brooklyn Rail:

In 1646, the Piarist Order, which had introduced education to the masses—and not only an education in Latin but also an education in basic reading and arithmetic—was disbanded by Pope Innocent X. …

Brooklyn Rail: Paul Auster

Paul Auster with John Reed

As published in the Brooklyn Rail:

Paul Auster’s 10 novels include, most recently, The Book of Illusions, which comes out in paperback from Picador this August. …